Becoming Ecstatic (A Proposal for a Public Monument)

Work shown at Muu gallery in Helsinki in the exhibition City Breaks curated in 2005 by Taru Elfving.   Taru Elfving writes: Simo Brotherus has focused attention in his research to shared urban codes or even ethos that affect our engagement with and within cities. The suggested monument celebrates surrender to ecstacy, letting go of … Continue reading

Stencil Writings

Stencils and spray colour, 2004.   City Breaks, Whitechapel Project Space, London. The text was sprayed on garbage bags and discarded furniture around the gallery block.  

To Meet Like This

Installation with video projection, 2003.   An installation which in its spacial composition and in the film’s narration deals with physical and mental distances and with the projection of one’s own desires onto others.  

Children of the Same Man

Installation, 2003.   A plastic curtain of a walk-in freezer sways in the blow of a strong fan, a waiting room TV with images of distant seascapes flickering when seen through the fan, a stuffed pelican, bleak blue lightning: all these components taken from civil institutions together form an artificial nature experience. Both civil society … Continue reading

Only Fools Rush In

Installation, 2000.   Two monitors wearing rain coats show Canada geese fleeing a harassing camera on an autumn heath. The installation was planned with an arrogant narrator in mind. The work had the expected effect – visitors experienced the installation as un-welcoming.  

Forest Scent Spray

Installation, 2000.   An installation formed in the spirit of Asian calligraphy, with strong and weak points in the space that are “activated” by the sculptural elements, which are two monitors and a stencil spraying on a wall. The monitors show an animation each; one of ice-fishing, another of playing a tone on a wine … Continue reading

That Obscure Object of Desire

Poster stand with photographs, 2000.   A man dresses or undresses depending on the directions of turning. The visitor becomes a voyeur. The sculpture was a part of the Forest Scent Spray exhibition.